Sílice del Istmo, S.A. de C.V. (SISA)
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Silica of the Isthmus, started operations in 1974, going through different stages of modernization with a clear vision for growth. From October 1995 it became part of FEMSA-Packaging in glass containers division. Since the change of administration extra efforts were made to build a well balanced company with leading technology, quality assurance system guaranteed and especially highly trained and motivated through the promotion of quality of life. SISA assures strategic success with a clear focus on customer satisfaction, and that staff understand and "live" business mission, which says: "distinguished service to the foundry, silicate glass and silica sand for its operations by offering competitive advantages and providing a service engineer to promote a long term relationship generating attractive returns to grow, develop staff, reward shareholders and protect the environment." The quality of their products is the property and responsibility of all who work in Silicon del Istmo, SA de CV, so that all actions will tend to that this heritage is preserved, are enhanced, and ensure, therefore, not introduce changes that affect the quality but functional and attractive economic offer, the quality of their products must meet standards agreed with customers. The main advantages SISA customers among others are: Internationally competitive prices. Quality guaranteed. Service technician. Attention warmth. Main uses: Glass manufacturing. Bottles, flat glass. In the foundry industry is made of different types pouring molten alloy to obtain: Monoblock. Crankshafts. Valves, etc.. In the silicate industry. Sodium silicate. Detergents. Toothpaste. Mosaic, etc. Metal Cleaning. By sand-blast process. (Sandblasted)

Sílice del Istmo, S.A. de C.V. (SISA)

Address: Km. 10 Carretera Sáyula San Juan-Evangelista Postal Code: 96000 Website: http://www.femsaempaques.com

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